Attractive, Eco-Friendly
Continuous Dispensing

Imagine smooth, continuous dispensing for your spray,
lotion, gel and foam products in attractive packages
that require NO gas, propellants or pumping!

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The Unparalleled GreenSpense Advantages

Unique brand differentiation

Choose from GreenSpense’s beautiful ready-to-fill packages or create your own unique continuous – dispensing packages in any shape, using materials such as plastic, cardboard, metal and glass.

From pump to continuous, instantly

Choose a GreenSpense package for your product and go from pump packaging to continuous-dispensing packaging without changing your formulation. Continuous airless dispensing is now possible!

Smooth spraying, steady flow-rate

GreenSpense delivers high-pressure continuous dispensing with great spray quality and NO need for propellants, compressed air/nitrogen or pressurized containers!

Easy, low-cost filling

GreenSpense works with standard 1-inch valves and actuators. Use standard filling lines and equipment without retooling, or establish your own low-cost, in-house filling facility.

Highly versatile

Perfect for continuous dispensing of liquid and viscous materials of nearly any formulation, supporting natural products and product isolation.


Deliver eco-friendly packages, with a lower CO2 footprint, smaller package sizes and NO gas vapors, coatings, antioxidants or preservatives.

Exceeds consumer expectations

Effortless, quiet, full-evacuation, 360-degeee dispensing with NO pumping, squeezing or chill effects!

Supply chain efficiency

Packages utilizing GreenSpense’s technology are simple, safe and inexpensive to fill, handle, store and transport.

Cutting-Edge EcoDrive™ Technology

The GreenSpense continuous dispensing system is based on proprietary elastomer technologies, yielding a high-pressure, continuous-dispensing solution that entirely does away with pressurized gasses, propellants and manual pumping.

By pushing the envelopes of both materials engineering and nanotechnology, GreenSpense’s patented EcoDrive delivers an exceptional consumer experience, allows an unprecedented degree of creative differentiation in package design, and dramatically simplifies production, handling, storage and transportation requirements.

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