Propellant-Free Continuous Dispensing for Airless Products

Ideal for Oxygen-sensitive Creams and Lotions

Imagine marketing your airless products with quiet, smooth, effortless (no-pump) continuous dispensing without any of the limitations associated with current aerosol technologies: propellants, cylindri­cal canisters, coatings and costly/complex production, handling, storage, transportation and safety requirements.

Package your oxygen-sensitive creams and lotions in uniquely-creative, eco-friendly, long-shelf-life packages that consumers will always enjoy using.

High-Barrier BOV Packaging Produced on Standard Filling Lines

GreenSpense’s patent-pending, high-barrier BOV is adaptable for any formulation and fits standard 1-inch valves. The Eco-Sleeve applies high pressure on the bag and its contents, delivering the continuous-dispensing experience that consumers expect, at any angle and with no chilling effect.

Go Green!

Consumer preference for green products is growing steadily. Personal health concerns, protecting the environment and passing on a healthy planet to the next generation are all reasons that many people buy green alternatives when such products are readily available, work just as well and don’t cost more than the conventional versions. GreenSpense technology is a key enabler in support of this trend.