A High-Pressure, Propellant-Free Continuous Dispensing Solution

The GreenSpense solution consists of a state-of-the-art, patent-pending Eco-Sleeve that is mounted over a customizable, multi-layered, high-barrier BOV that fits standard 1-inch valves. Eco-Sleeve generates high pressure on the bag and its contents, used for delivering the dispensing experience that consumers expect, with no gas propellants!

A New Frontier of Creative Packaging

GreenSpense enables companies to develop creative packaging that provides clear brand differentiation while delivering smooth dispensing of spray, liquid, lotion, gel and foam products. Because no pressurized gases are involved, the packaging itself is never under any pressure and can take any form you can imagine!

Deliver conventional, airless and natural products in continuous-dispensing packaging made in any shape, from almost any material (cardboard, rigid or flexible plastic, ceramics, glass, etc.).

Using standard 1″ valves, and filled with standard filling equipment, this solution eliminates many limitations associated with current aerosol technologies: pressurized propellants, cylindrical canisters, coatings and costly/complex production, handling, storage, transportation and safety requirements.

Boundless Applications

GreenSpense is ideal for spray, liquid, gel, foam and viscous-material products in categories including:

Go Sustainable

  • Eco-friendly, lower CO2 footprint
  • No propellants
  • No coatings
  • No gas vapors
  • Smaller package sizes

Go Natural

  • Continuous spraying for natural products
  • Great spray quality
  • No preservatives required
  • No antioxidants

Go Airless

  • Continuous dispensing for airless products
  • Suitable for oxygen-sensitive creams and lotions