High-Pressure Propellant-Free Continuous Dispensing: How It Works


The GreenSpense system consists of two components:

GreenSpense BOV

A patent-pending high-barrier BOV, with customizable construction to accommodate the requirements of your formulations.

GreenSpense Eco-Sleeve

A patent-pending elastomer sleeve that envelops the proprietary BOV and expands as the BOV is filled.

The BOV, which is mounted to a standard 1″ valve, is filled using standard filling lines – no retooling required. After filling, the Eco-Sleeve applies consistent high pressure to the bag until all contents are evacuated.

Because there are no aerosols or other pressurized propellants involved, GreenSpense dramatically simplifies production, handling, storage and transportation requirements. Additionally, the external packaging can now be made in any shape, from nearly any material, allowing an unprecedented degree of creativity, flexibility and differentiation in package design.

I: Eco-Sleeve Assembly
II: Fill
III: Continuous Dispensing

Steady, Customizable Flow Rate

The Eco-Sleeve generates a steady flow rate throughout use and provides dispensing performance similar to common propellant-dispensing solutions, such as compressed air, nitrogen and aerosols. Contact us for details on flow rates and how we can customize our solution for your particular products, applications and requirements.