GreenSpense was launched in 2012 with the vision of harnessing the latest elastomer technologies to create a high-pressure, continuous-dispensing solution that entirely does away with pressurized gases and propellants. In 2017, after five years of intense research and development, the company brought its unique solution to the market.

By pushing the envelopes of both materials engineering and nanotechnology, GreenSpense has created an innovative continuous-dispensing solution with unparalleled advantages. The company’s remarkable inventions, protected by multiple patents, enable the familiar continuous-dispensing experience in simpler, safer, cheaper and more creative packaging.

Consumer preference for green products is growing steadily. Personal health concerns, protecting the environment and passing on a healthy planet to the next generation are all reasons that many people buy green alternatives when such products are readily available, work just as well and don’t cost more than the conventional versions. GreenSpense technology is a key enabler in support of this trend.

GreenSpense was launched by two veteran entrepreneurs with backgrounds in a variety of advanced-technology companies, and is backed by a consortium of private and venture capital investors.