Propellant-Free Continuous Dispensing for Natural Products

Continuous Spraying for Natural Products

Provide your natural products in a high-quality, continuous-spray package without using propellants! Consumers will appreciate protecting the environment, while enjoying the convenience of effortless dispensing – no more pumping, squeezing, canister chilling or worrying about holding the product at a particular angle.

No Preservatives or Antioxidants Required

The GreenSpense solution provides a high-barrier container and supports “green chemistry.” Deliver your original product, untainted by preservatives or antioxidants.

Unique, Differentiated Packaging

Market your products in uniquely creative packaging that provides smooth, 360⁰ actuation, is safe to fill, easy to store/transport and environmentally friendly. Design creative and economical packaging using simple materials like plastic or cardboard, or high-end, differentiated packages using lavish materials like ceramics or glass!

Go Green!

Consumer preference for green products is growing steadily. Personal health concerns, protecting the environment and passing on a healthy planet to the next generation are all reasons that many people buy green alternatives when such products are readily available, work just as well and don’t cost more than the conventional versions. GreenSpense technology is a key enabler in support of this trend.