Give your customers the convenience of effortless continuous dispensing of edible liquid/spray products – such as oils, flavorings, sauces, dressings, and toppings – in an eco-friendly, high-barrier package that protects the product and the environment. Customers no longer need to worry about pumping or squeezing or holding the container at a particular angle.

Most excitingly, the GreenSpense continuous dispensing solution allows unlimited creativity in the external packaging, allowing you to realize uniquely differentiated products that were never possible before! Create economical packaging using simple materials like plastic or cardboard, or high-end packaging using lavish materials and designs – get ready for a new era of continuous-dispensing packaging differentiation!

Imagine: No more pressurized or flammable gasses, rusting metal canisters or gas vapors during use. No more need for coatings, preservatives or antioxidants. Say goodbye to chilly canisters coming out of the refrigerator. Package your product in a convenient continuous dispenser that provides a smooth consumer experience using external packaging materials such as plastic, cardboard, glass or nearly any other material.

The GreenSpense solution supports “green chemistry” and enables reduced package sizes.