The continuous-dispensing revolution has reached healthcare products! The GreenSpense propellant-free continuous dispensing solution is perfect for prescription and OTC spray medications, such as skin, nose, eye, ear and foot products.

Consumers love the convenience of effortless dispensing – no more pumping or squeezing, and no more worrying about burdening the environment with undesirable gas vapors and metal canisters.

Market your products in uniquely creative packaging that is safe to fill into a high-barrier container, smoothly actuated, easy to store/transport and environmentally friendly. Create economical packaging using simple materials like plastic or cardboard, or even high-end differentiated packages using lavish materials like ceramics or glass! Get ready for a new era of packaging differentiation!

Imagine: No more pressurized or flammable gasses, rusting metal canisters, or gas vapors during use. No more need for coatings, preservatives or antioxidants. Supports “green chemistry” and enables reduced package sizes.