The GreenSpense continuous dispensing solution is ideal for shaving gels, body lotions, face and hair applications, soap foams, perfumes, etc.
The Eco-Sleeve delivers continuous high-quality spraying, while the high-barrier BOV is perfectly suited for sensitive formulations, delivers a quite 360⁰ actuation

Market your products in uniquely creative packaging that is safe to fill, easy to store/transport and environmentally-friendly. Create high-end packaging using lavish materials and designs, or economical packaging using simple materials like flexible plastics or cardboard – get ready for a new era of packaging differentiation!

Imagine: No more pressurized or flammable gasses, no chill effect rusting metal canisters, or gas vapors during use! The GreenSpense solution supports “green chemistry” – no more need for coatings, preservatives or antioxidants, while enabling reduced package sizes.