The Advantages of GreenSpense’s Propellant-Free Continuous Dispensing Solution

High pressure with NO propellants

GreenSpense provides a propellant-free, eco-friendly, continuous-dispensing solution that provides a steady flow rate at high pressure.

High-Barrier BOV

The multi-layered high-barrier BOV construction is easily adaptable to sensitive or demanding formulations.

Packaging flexibility and differentiation

The solution allows a wide variety of packaging materials, shapes and costs – cardboard, rigid or flexible plastic, glass, ceramics, etc.

Meets consumer expectations

GreenSpense delivers smooth and quiet 360-degeee dispensing with full evacuation of package contents and no chill effect.

Fast and easy implementation

The solution works with standard 1-inch valves, filling lines and production accessories – no retooling required.


Deliver eco-friendly packages, with a lower CO2 footprint, smaller package sizes and NO gas vapors, coatings, antioxidants or preservatives.

Saves costs

GreenSpense-powered packages are much simpler, safer and cheaper to fill, handle, store and transport.